Code of Conduct

By creating & using your account with the River + Lace Wedding Collective, you and any representatives of your business agree to the following code of conduct while using the River + Lace Website and Facebook community.

  • Stealing: Theft of digital property will not be tolerated. Listing and account will both be permanently deleted without refund if theft occurs. This includes but is not limited to:
    • Photos
    • Text/website copy
    • Social media posts
    • Taking screenshots of any posts in the private Facebook group and sharing them with anyone outside of the group for any purpose.
  • Cold contacting: You may not cold call/email clients or vendors who are a part of the community in order to sell your services.
  • Flaking: If you commit to any sort of collaboration or event and don’t show up or provide the agreed upon service without due cause, there will be consequences. An inquiry will take place before any action is taken.
    • First strike: Banned from Facebook group
    • Second strike: Listing and account permanently deleted without refund.
  • Being a good human: Be kind. Be polite. Be helpful. Think community over competition. Hateful language of any sort will not be tolerated. Discrimination against anyone regarding race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation will result in immediate banning and permanent deletion of account and listing.

If you notice any of this behaviour taking place among members of the River + Lace Wedding Collective, please contact admin immediately at